Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Mt Baw Baw invited all snow retailers up on monday to show them what is going on at the resort this season. After a few runs some lunch and a presentation it was time to hit the Baw Baw AIR BAG. This thing is epic. so much fun and the only one in Australia. Do yourself a favor and get to Baw Baw this season to hit this thing

B-Rad backflipping

Chunk throwing himself around

Winter Weekends

So the past few weekends have been spent up at Mt Buller riding with the crew. Below are some random photos of good times.

Waiting for the bus with the boys


2 left gloves anyone?

Shane booked dinner for Metro's birthday. good man - good muzzy

The Buller crew came down for dinner. RAD

T-Roy Killing it as usual

Tara made Metro an amazing cheese cake for his birthday. it was awesome. thanks T

Monday, June 8, 2009

Queens Birthday Weekend.......

Loading up at the office

Sawmill 2.31mins away. and we are off

2009 Team Food Cabin. SICK

Lars straight into the fire place

Metro and SC pretty stoked

Yeah this is ours for 4 months

Chug it Carter

Thanks for driving us up Monk


Pots and Parmas......

Your mate.....


There are Ninja's at Buller

What the Fuck?

Lars was on the wheels of Steel

Nice to wake up to this in the morning

Metro's mate

Yeah Matts back in town...RAD