Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Al Wilson

So sunday was our good friend Al Wilson's Birthday. So we have a skate BBQ at my work. Heaps of crew come down and the skateboarding was out of hand.

Balloons make any good party

Birthday boy getting it all ready

Sam Morgan made the trip down


Glenn Scott about to have a good time

The only way to blow out the candles. With your board

Lorne killing it as always. He made the backside disaster then next run but i missed it. IDIOT

Nick Kildery ripping

Scottie Cameron on the comeback train...Don't think he actually left though

Tim was looking hot

The Birthday boy

Burrito Banger?

Windsor Castle Parmas...YES

Kerry was struggling to finish his so Alex helped him out

Open up here comes the plane

Last bite. good boy

Alex was a little tired after feeding Kerry

Backwards helmet. WRONG GANG.....

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yet another rad Saturday

So after a few beers at the bird on friday night we decided we were going to go STREET Skating the next day. So Mavie, Mike Martin and myself hit it

Blue Corn Breakie. AMAZING way to start the day


Fill em up Mavie

First street spot. sick bowl

Hospital Banks

Yep we did not last long

Of to the church. again did not last long

Mike Martin getting in the drink

Amazing rock to Fakie. check the video below

A few Black Doctors were needed to deal with the night before's hang over

Yeap another street spot

ROCK to fakie......


Then it was off to the Bird...AGAIN

My dinner was a little small....

Double Denim pub crawl on their way past the bird

They liked Niddy

The Carters made it to the Big Smoke. Stoked

Street Skater of the day....MIKE MARTIN

Here is the kickflip to prove it. Best hip in the city

Mountain to the Mini

On wednesday Shane and I went up to Baw Baw for work and got these snaps of the what the guys up there have been doing all summer.  Looks like Baw Baw are stepping it up again this year.  Then it was back to the office where the Mini Ramp session was in full swing.  Not a bad wednesday really

The Box ripping
Good crew
Tea break
Mavie locking it in

Scotty came straight from the Mechanics.

Scotty Williams

Its been a while between Scotty updates so here are some pics to tide you over

Maunder is back in town....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Skate then Party

So it was friday so we had a rad session after work.  Scottie Cameron came down again and destroyed the ramp as usual.  Skated for hours and had a ball.  Then it was off to Greg's 30th at the espy.  Another ripping night with the crew.  
What happened to skateboarders?????? Why to the dress so funny.....
Dennis Lilly was there.  RAD
Mickey came down straight from training Rocky
The Box killing it.....
Why so angry brother??????
Still angry?

Look at me I am flying........