Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yet another rad Saturday

So after a few beers at the bird on friday night we decided we were going to go STREET Skating the next day. So Mavie, Mike Martin and myself hit it

Blue Corn Breakie. AMAZING way to start the day


Fill em up Mavie

First street spot. sick bowl

Hospital Banks

Yep we did not last long

Of to the church. again did not last long

Mike Martin getting in the drink

Amazing rock to Fakie. check the video below

A few Black Doctors were needed to deal with the night before's hang over

Yeap another street spot

ROCK to fakie......


Then it was off to the Bird...AGAIN

My dinner was a little small....

Double Denim pub crawl on their way past the bird

They liked Niddy

The Carters made it to the Big Smoke. Stoked

Street Skater of the day....MIKE MARTIN

Here is the kickflip to prove it. Best hip in the city

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