Sunday, May 3, 2009


So Mt Buller has received some rad early snow falls so they decided to open very very early for a weekend so as if we could not go riding.  Its the earliest start to a snow season in something like 46 years.  RAD.  

Majestic Morning
Road warrior 
Lars photography
Sick sunrise
Arriving in mansfield
Luke from Perth and SC
Convoy behind SC.  Snow on the summit peak at Buller
There was a bit of a line for the bus........yeah Buller
Luke ready to shred
Lars last minute was.  So euro
Our turn to wait for the bloody bus
Metro and Eamon.  STOKED
Arrrrrrr.  Time to test out the Scallywag
Yeah boys
Amazing ski fashion
and again

Snowboarders are no better

Why wouldn't you ski in jeans??????

What the??????  yes it is a dude....
Team Food BBQ lunch.  HELL YES
Team chair
Yeah there was alot of snow
Weather started coming in so its home time for the team
Another bus line...RAD
This car was in the car park and i could not help taking a photo of it...
Lars in his Apre top.....

Straight to the Mansfield bakery on the way home....YES

Best Chunk Beef pies EVER.....

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  1. Looked like fun times, hopefully some more snow soon!!!
    Not sure about the pink pants, don't think that trend will take off!!