Tuesday, March 22, 2011

JAPAN 2011

So I was lucky enough to get back to Japan this summer for another 10 days of riding with the crew. It was Shane, Lars, Darren and his 2 mate that I had the pleasure of shredding with. As always Japan delivered the snow and we took full advantage of it. Thanks again to our good friends T-Roy and Joel for looking after us.

The mandatory Sapporo Maccas stop.

Order up Joelly..

This was Shane and my room for the 10 days. so sick

Of course the Barn had Captain Morgans Private Stock...So good

The other drink we all love from the barn is a Strawberry daiquiri....delicious

Another highlight of the trip was seeing T-Roy in his underwear every morning....

Joel Graham Breakfast of champions...

The View from out front of the boys place...pretty Epic

Sunny day shred with the crew...Yotei looking good in the background

Roy bowling up a storm on Wii

Roy putting on his smoking attire to go outside..Little red smoking Roy

Chairlift ride for all the boys...

This is a super fun run...look at the tracks. nothing but good times.

We rode some out of bounds areas which we had to hike out of. Worth every step

After a long day riding you need a big cold beer

Or a Beer TOWER...Yeah Hanazono...

Shane ready to rumble

I can not remember who won but it was piss funny to watch

Shane can not go anywhere without making friends and wearing funny hats

I think Lars might have had a little to much to drink????

We went to dinner with our good friends from the Barn and this came out near the end. Yep its Horse Sashimi... its was a little weird and very salty..

We got a Rusutsu thursday shred day in with the crew. Yep it was epic. here we are getting ready to leave

It was a big crew...18 to be exact..

Darren with some last minute adjustments before the epic day

Roy was a little tired after shredding...he loves a nap

We got in a day of catboarding which awesome fun. We did have to sign our lives away first though

Our ride for the day

My Back country mates...Nice head cams boys

Lunch stop break..Cam our guide getting the coffee ready

This was our last day shredding and Niseko was nice and gave us a bluebird day

I was super stoked Lars made the trip over..fuck he can shred

Darren is so business he was always working...

Shane is in japan so much he is pretty much a local. Well he gets locals discounts at least

2 pretty stoked men

Lars & Yotei....enough said

Friday, March 4, 2011


So we had our annual softball game last weekend and this year it was heavy metal themed. It was DEATH METAL vs BLACK METAL. As usual it was an epic afternoon of old unfit people trying to play sport and drinking. Always a good mix. My team which was HEAVY METAL took the trophy this year. GO TEAM

This is the amazing trophy Jo Jo made.

Tim about to send one out of the park.

We had some hot chicks on the side lines

Toilet/drink break time

Lockie was our awesome umpire for the day. good job mate

Half time team shots. DEATH METAL


The park ranger popped by to make sure everything was above board...Sebo sorted it out

Sebo about to painfully had over the winning trophy

Matt Tanner Team Captain holding the goods..

Shilo got MVP male...he was killing it all day

Van got MVP female. yeah Death Metal cleaned up


The girls keeping their hair out of the rain

Then it was off to the bird where it got weird...The below photos speak for themselves