Sunday, November 14, 2010

Utah comes to Melbourne

My good friend Chris from Utah flew in today for a week of good times and some work in between.

He missed his connecting flight in sydney and he was supposed to come in at gate one but he was not on that flight.

I found him lurking around baggage collection after his long flight. Stoked to find he was okay

First things first for any trip to OZ. Straight to Al Wilsons for a mini ramp session. Chris had a sweet new Milo board to set up

Thanks for the skate Al. Nice front deca up the extension

Chris having a pretty good time

Chris got to experience Seaford for all its glory. Ask him when you see him. Mini ramp with a Bottle Shop over the road. Perfect. A fighting drug addict couple . Priceless.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I.G.D.D & Corbin Harris

I.G.D.D always likes when Corbin comes to town. It means we get to have Corbin Harris shots and this is what happens

Chicken & Cheese burritos for the team

Mike Martin and the Box. 2 bloody good dudes thats for sure

The man himself - Corbin SHOT Harris

Yep it got pretty rad

Nice tooch Todd

Look at me..I am Fuckin flying....