Sunday, September 27, 2009

Last Weekend of the season.......

So this weekend was the last weekend at Mt Buller, Well until it snowed so much they extended the season another week. We woke up on saturday morning to snow outside our front door in sawmill which we have never seen in all our years of snowboarding. Our neighbor said she had not seen it like this in 28 years. It was awesome. Then it did not stop snowing the whole weekend and we rode some of the best snow we have ridden all season

My car covered in snow
Shane's car covered in snow
Our street

Leon Carrol came to the snow for his first time ever and brought the crazy snowfalls with him. Thanks Cheese
This is Leon's second run EVER. It's amazing. It was like he has done it all his life. Good work buddy

Fresh snow in spring?????
Cheese ready for the POW POW
Cheese killing it
My board having a rest at the bottom of Wombat
Shane Tara and Joel.....
Lunch time at Apre. Look at the fresh on the tables. Crazy

Shane and Abby walking out of home trail...

This is my last run of the season down home trail. Could not think of a better way to end my season...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The day after the wedding...

Wedding shoes.. thanks Al
Linc and Bennets came for a drink and stayed for the party
Take 1
Take 2
Scotty killing it as usual
Mr Ed
Hey tough guy

Our new mate from Sydney

He bought us a round. legend

Niddy working his magic
Jake stealing my bike


All my friends are getting married

The Hilux just turned EVIL

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So last weekend we had our good friend Alex Wilson Bucks weekend down in lovely Barwon Heads. Well it was lovely till we got there. here are many photos of good dudes having good times...ENJOY

Like a tiger

Midget killing it

Tiger bong

Fat mans Tiger bong


A mans BBQ

Niddy was a wizard

Andy mixing up his wizard staff

Pretty sure matt just spewed before this photo

Its official Al was PISSED

Al on his way to becoming a wizard

Midget the preacher man

I love you man

Buck down....

Buck up....

Buck drinking...

Robber Wizard

I think Matt is ready for bed

Tim Suds was good to go

Nate Dog on the end of it

Todd Spewing....YES

Scoots and Nate ripping

Awex Wilsoom

Andy's face says it all.....

late night cook up. yeah Fish

The 2 drunkest dudes all weeknd. RAD

nap time for the little fella

James should know better than to fall asleep with these 2 still awake

Oh how cute. the boys spooning

The Buck getting things started on sat morning with a 8am beer bong. YES

Midget was next

Time did 4 beer bongs by 9am. CHAMPION

Niddy killing it

Scoots getting involved

Nate with popey in the bachground

We woke up Mike with a beer bong

Like the champ he is a quick yawn

Then down she goes


Morning Jimmy

Is that a big can or a small man?????

Round 2 with Mike. ripping

we drank alot of cans

Casual bong

New breakfast of champions. Sausage roll in a croissant or meat pie in a croissant....

Kerry enjoying the new creation


We got to skate this...amazing

Quick KFC stop for Niddy

Niddy is now a piercer


Kerry was a little touckered out

Todd likes dogs

And Cheese


When you got to go.....


Kerry trying to sleep

James out again

Awake sleeping?

Not much needs to be said really....

Amazing dude

This is the most skating james did all weekend

Alex has a bite

The after math

Cheese was done

One pretty happy buck on the drive home