Monday, April 27, 2009


SO BIKE GANG got up very early sat morning to pay our respects to the ANZACS.  First time for me but it won't be the last.  It was amazing to see how many people attend the service.

Told you it was early
Bike Bang
Dawn service
Kerry new Tattoo.  AMAZING
Yep there were alot of people there
Gourlay brought the Milo.  Legend
Thanks Skid Mark
Bike GAME??????  Bloody tasmanians
Lets get to breakie
Clint this is what we eat when the Bird is closed
Michaela was rolling with Bike Bang but got a flat.  
Kerry just got FLAT on his back.
Here I am helping Michaela?  or is she helping me????
Even Kerry wanted to lend a hand....
Puncture fixed it was off to the bird once they finally opened.  Sitting having a coffee and look what the cat dragged in.  Niddy and the Box...Amazing
Party Box
The bird could not serve drinks till midday so the boys were not happy
Then it was off to work to skate with the Transitionist Snowboard kids.
Tara TEAM FOOD Carter representing
Grommets having a ball
Back to the bird where the crew had been since 2pm.  YES
Scotty Williams.  enough said
Mike Martin with the Double document
Dinner break.  Eat up son
Nickos popped past and he still has the best tattoo i have ever seen.
Alex not feeling so good after Brittney slapped his package.  Ouch 
Feeling a little guilty Britt?
I dont even know what Scotty is doing apart from killing it again
I tried to stop these guys coming in but it clearly did not work so i got a photo instead
Scotty Hilton was there.  HELL YES
Nidzy punishing Scotty.  ripping
Alex and the Russian army dude.  Gnarly
I was a little nervous getting my photo with this man.  he was very scary
Spoon Gang
Mike Melbourne Bitter Martin


Thanks to Jay i went to Lucky Cock.  Unlucky me....
Agin no idea what Scotty is doing?


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  1. best tattoo.....?

    it doesn't look a bit like the back end of a shark.