Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Like Really Fast Cars anyone?

So Simon and I went to dinner at our wonderful friends Karen and Steve's (Buzz) place tonight.  It was rad.  Karen cooked up an epic roast and Buzz kept Simon and I in tears laughing,  Then he takes us for a spin around Berwick in his new Toy.  Holy Shit!  I have never been in a car like this in my life.  I thought we were going to take off from the road when he hit the gas.  I am not a massive car person but this thing is mental.  This is for all you rev heads.  I think I am just became one?

Burnout in the garage when you get home?  Why not

This thing is evil


  1. Pure EVIL bogan-o-rama - this shit is how you get to the front of the drive in - quick smart -