Friday, April 10, 2009


So it was good friday and pretty much everything shuts down.  We meet at the Bird for some breakfast then we decided to ride our bikes to Coburg to skate the amazing mini.  We knew it was a fair distance but with a few strategic pits stops we could get there no worries

First stop amazing breakfast at the bird.  

Alex got a new bike but its yellow.  he took it apart to spray it BLACK of course but not get the paint in time so had to put it back together for the mission

The finishing touches

And we are off.  First pit stop in sight.  Transport bar at Fed Square to meet Kerry


The walk of shame after getting pulled over by the cops for no Helmets

The best $7 helmets ever

I am allowed to ride......

Alex struggling with his shoe lace board sling

Second pit stop for a few beers and a snack.  How good is Snoopy on Kerrys helmet....oh and the lightning boltz

We made it.  RAD

Kerry killing it

OMG.  Corbin Harris was there.....AMAZING

Kerry putting on his HI VIS bike outfit for he ride home

You have to stretch before any form of exercise  

First pit stop on the way home.  Beer and nuts....

They did not last long

YES.  a surprise visit from Mavie

Pray for me Alex Jesse.....

Finchy turned up also to get involved but did not want to get involved in this photo

Creepy Alex

Then finchy and I meet Brittney at the bird.  there were some rad popped collars there

This is still hanging there from Hana's birthday.  RAD

Brittney stoked on the really tall girl....

I think this lovely couple have had enough

Finchy stoked on his new mate....

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