Monday, April 20, 2009


Saturday BIKE GANG.  Alex, Todd, Micah, Hamish & me.

Bike Gang breakie at the bird.  RAD

Getting the Blogger ready

Niddy popped in for a quick beer before the Box picked him at and heading to the surf coast bro

Quick stop at Alex's place

Bike gang is off

Wait quick tyre inflation

Look at me.  I am flying.....

First pit stop.  Coopers on tap. RAD

The bar tender let us bring our bikes through the bar into the beer garden.  he had obviously heard about Bike Gang.

Quick Mono on Kerry's porch.  Is that Todd?  

First skate spot.  Port melbourne park

Sorry Sam Morgan and Al Wilson.  I know you should not put photos of yourself of your blog but look at this photo Alex Hawkins took. First try.  

Second pit stop

Carlton manny pads.  RAD

Todd had a ripping time

Back to the Bird for dinner.  Spaghetti meatballs. RAD

Oh wait with a side of jalapenos.  EVEN RADDER

Some weird german dude was there


Scotty trying to throw up B.G signs

still trying

yep still trying

almost there....

Hana F.U.  So rude

After the bird we went to the Disco.  Enjoy the Scotty show

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