Monday, April 20, 2009


So last monday we headed out to Buxton which is the neighboring town to Marysville which was pretty much destroyed in the bush fires.   The council had put on a festival for the local community to try raise some money and give the local kids a fun day out.  Anthony Mapstone organized many people/cars/skate obstacles and giveaways to stoke the local kids out.  It was an awesome day with pretty much every kid getting some kind of free product.  We all meet at City park then convoyed out

Alex and Alex with morning coffees for the trip

Al getting the day started right...

Harry Clark in the Nike van.  He only buys it for the articles

Fish and Cuzza clearly having a ball

Coffee eyes

Data,  no more parachute......

So we stopped to try the new deluxe cheeseburger.  Yuta decided to get 5.  

While waiting for his 5 burgers he got a chocolate croissant to snack on

And he is off

3 down 2 more to go.  

When you got to go....

The man behind it all.  King Mappy

I.G.D.D was reprezenting.  Cheese , Al & Tim

Harry can do blunts

So can Jack

There was a petting zoo

And clothes stalls



oh and batman was there

Mappy off the wedge

Scotty G playing us all a song

Mappy getting mobbed in the giveaways

Good scene

The road home

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