Wednesday, July 8, 2009

T-Roys Birthday weekend at Buller

Last weekend was our good friend T-Roys birthday at buller so we scrapped staying at the cabin and stayed on the hill to celebrate his birthday.

Chuch picked Linc and I up in the X5. RAD

We could watch the simpsons when the car was stopped at the lights

Ski in for dinner followed by Barney Bananas...

This was our home for the next 2 nights

It hit midnight which meant T-roys birthday which meant shots of course

The birthday boy himself...Happy birthday Legend

Birthday boy with the babe Bridget....

Of course there was a fight at the Karoora...

There was a few people up on the hill this weekend

What are you wearing today?

We really should have called each other first.....

Burnt Hut opened for the first time this season and then it broke down....we had to get towed out. it was rad

Not only do Tom and Chunk dress the same they want to ride the same board....

Shane turned up at buller just in time for dinner and beers....

Another birthday shot for T-roy

Yeah there was a cake....

Shane making ya later buddy

Linc also making skier friends

Robbie Walker won the drunkest dude award by far

And he tore the dance floor apart

Chuck killing it of course

Chuck was a little hung over on sunday and put his boots on before his snowboard pants.RAD

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  1. would you say shane "ducked in" for beers and dinner ralph.... would you???

    love from jan