Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tara's 30th Brewery Bash

A few weekends ago our good friend Tara Carter had her 30th Birthday at Red Hill brewery. It was the only weekend that you could sample some very special and very alcoholic beers. 10.1 to be exact. It was an awesome day of good food, good beer and good dudes. here are some of the photos from that day. Lets just say I have many more from the long long cab ride home with many stops

Yeah sydney for coming down
and it begins

paddles anyone

Kat and Shane

then it was onto the big beers......oh oh

Yeah Monk and Dulcie

Our special friend Jammo

Hey ladies....

Colby trying to get artsy

I think Brenny might be on his way

um how do you lock this thing?

So apparently Colby saved Shanes life in the dark when they fell in this drain.

Shane not felling so good. One of many taxi stops

look at those eyes

this is one of the best photos I have ever taken. This is what i call true love.. yeah Carters

Almost home shane

the next day we took Colby and Kate to the best mexi breakie in melbourne. Blue Corn



  1. that is not “one of the" best photos you have taken, it is “the" best photo anyone has ever taken.

  2. so funny....so good.

  3. Ralph-
    Thank you for documenting the 30th b-day bash for us back in UT. It's nice to know that despite getting older Tara is still a lush. Equally important is the fact that she found a husband willing to sacrifice for her. I'm looking forward to the photos of Shane's 40th.