Monday, June 21, 2010


Snow season has started so its 4 months of weekends away having great times with great friend. Here are some shots of the first 2 weekends of good times.

Metro in his early morning driving gear
Kat was a little tired on the drive up

Shane stoked to be in Mansfield. Chunky Steak Pie from the bakery anyone?

Mike "FONZY" Metro

This was the first time Kat had ever been to the snow. Here she is about to start her first leason

Kat is a little bit taller than Tara

Apre were giving out free pies on opening weekend. Yeah Buller

One of the good things about getting home after a weekend at the snow
Kat and her instructor Niki.

Monk making her 2010 comeback..

The Sunbury boys came up to play

The best spot to keep your season pass

Yeah Ladies

Happy Kat Serious Ralph

Kat after her first day. Happy but she will be sore tomorrow
after 2 weekends of lessons and a few bruises Kat is killing it on her Scallywag.

Here are a few amazing photos of my good friend Clea's eye after a dance move went wrong on sat night.

Ski in chicken is pretty damn good. Kat likes it

Finally Metro had his birthday on the weekend. Another year older but you can not tell by the way he keeps shredding. Yeah metro


  1. i don't think i will ever wear that tracksuit again.
    the leather jacket on the other hand...