Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mega Blog update

So here are the photos I have collected over the last 5 months that i have been meaning to post. Better late than never.

Kat is the best girlfriend ever and made me this amazing birthday cake.

more food than we know what to do with before the cattlemans after party

Mitch having a pretty good time

yeah Chunk

Darren, Holty and the crew dancing up a storm

Time to go Ryan.....

the sydney boys made it to Baw Baw

Colby is pretty stoked

how else do you start a day of shredding at Baw Baw?

Kat made it up to Baw Baw. RIPPING

Katta hanging out above the clouds

Baw Baw hot tub anyone?

Boadle has done some modeling in his time

Ned Colby about to rob the stacker machine

Lars pretty stocked to get up to baw baw late and see the drunken idiots

shane feeding boadle

Prizes for the big day

Jackson Allen

of course he got number 1

Rick loves ice cream i think

We had a Gravis skate night at the office and feed everyone Burritos....

Al Wilson smithing the shit out of the ramp. Kerry ruining the shot..

Colby and Linc on the T-bar at thredbo on one of the best weekends of the season

I think Linc has been working out?

Darrah with the Drugs

the only way to drink cheap champagne

Scotty and Ryan liked it to

Ski you later Linc

I was pretty stoked to see this Triggers Brothers surf board in Perisher

What are you trying to say Stacy?

Probably the best CFO a company could have

Sparkes and Southy at the staff weekend

Xander and Moz killing it

Ainlsey and B-rad at the Forum premier

Kat got to get up to Falls Creek with me and finally meet Lachy and Jimmy. The falls creek legend

We just had the snow trade show so I got to spend 4 days at my booth.

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