Sunday, December 26, 2010


So i had a quick 3 night stop over in LA between Colorado and Japan. It worked out awesome as my good friend Bomber was going to be in town also. So we jammed in as much as we could in the short time I was there.

Good dude picking me up from the airport

and taking me straight to heaven


Our romantic hotel for 2

As it turned out Bomber had his snow gear so we headed up to Bear for the day. One of the funnest resorts I have ever ridden for sure. Just like a skate park on snow

Awesome jumps and a very long rail.

Chilly in a bread bowl....yes please

Bomber agrees

Of course there was a demo day on

2 pretty stoked dudes

After riding it was back to LA to meet up with some friends and have some drinks. Marc Baker was there to hang out and keep me entertained.

This is Marc ride. I forget its name but i comes with a good story of the guy he bought it from.

The legend Andreas now lives in LA so I got to brink beers with him which is always awesome

We walked out of the bar and there was an amazing Mexi truck out the front. Burritos for everyone.

This is one of my favorite breakfasts in LA.. Thanks Swingers
We got to skate this awesome mini in the back of the Brooklyn Projects store

Andreas shredding the mini...

Michaela came out for dinner...She really likes swingers food. She had a burrito and a pancake. Good bless her.

SF baby

MJ got it

Tatiana almost got it

Everyone was throwing up SF gang signs.. Bomber put up the Chelsea gang sign..

I think Tammy lives in the US again she spends so much time there. Awesome to see her.

MJ is now a crazy LA biker...dont mess with her

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