Monday, May 30, 2011

Al Wilson gets older and we all get drunker

It was this years Al Wilson birthday shred and get wasted day and what a day it was. Skated the Globe mini for hours with many beers being consumed then it was off to the Bird for more of the same. It will be hard to top this next year Al but I am sure we will give it a go.

A smiley sober Wilson to begin the day

Good dudes

Niddy got Midget a drink

Back up bench team

Dean killing it with back tail slides in between looking after his girl Erina Below

Yeah pappa Cadby

Kerry smith grind Fisher was killing it all day

Al board is also a bottle opener

Gorby living large

Nick and the Dodfather did an amazing job of drinking all day. Well played boys

Al could not make up his mind so he drank them all

Come on man. Give me a beer

Birthday Banger....

DJ Carroll

I think Midget is a little tired????

Still going strong

Its my party and I will DJ if I want to

Probably one of the best things I have seen in a long time Mike Kearney attempting to bet Al in a drunk kickflip challenge...priceless

Andy and James on their way to the other side of the river where they feel safe

Kerry continuing the party on the way to KFC...what a party guy

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