Friday, December 25, 2009

Goodbye Whistler

So this was my last day riding in whistler. Probably the best day riding of the trip. it had snowed for 2 days and a few runs had not been open and today was the day. We went out for a rad breakfast and we were not really feeling riding after so many rad long days riding and drinking until we got the the run of the day. 7th Heaven...Blue skies not many people and tones of snow....AMAZING

So in the Gondola we discovered that Squiz actually loves SKIING. Ski you later

Not a bad last day

Beth and Squiz on the way to 7th Heaven

Matching outfits...Jan approves

Yeah whistler

AIRBLASTER is big over here

Jan dropping mad lines


So after riding we drove down to vancouver and had a few drinks....

Mellow bill for a quiet night in Van

Captain Jan dropping me off at the airport. miss you man

Beth Shredding

Jan Snarski

Self Blogging. Sorry I could not help myself

Friendly birds

Jan aka MFM

Double Method time. Dazza and Luke killing it

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